Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ambulance on the Way


This is an ambulance going to help a guy that fell off his roof. The ambulance is going to bring him to the hospital.The ambulance is making a lot of noises to tell people he is on the way!

I drew this picture in about 10 minutes using just pencil and paper. There are lines around the lights on the ambulance. Those show that the lights and sirens are on. I also drew the symbol of the serpents on the back of the ambulance which shows that it is medical vehicle.

So. What do you think about my drawing?


  1. Great job on your drawings Chris and I like that you thought of all the datails to gowith them. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love your drawings Chris! You do such a great job, you are a natural :) All your drawings are very detailed, I love that!

    Miss you so much ♥

    Aunt Bea

  3. Great drawing and just by looking at it I can tell there is a lot of action going on! You really use your imagination well and that brings your drawings to life. I sure hope the guy that fell off the roof is okay.

  4. Great drawing, Chris!! I like that you're adding the extra dimensions to your work!